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Japanese Wood Turtles for sale
$129.00 - $295.00

Think of a North American Wood Turtle, with a pretty golden shell, and a charcoal black belly - just…

Black Wood Turtles for sale
$159.00 - $595.00

Black Wood Turtles (Rhinoclemmys funerea) are found in the Marshes, ponds and streams of central Ame…

Best Puerto Rican Sliders for Sale
$89.95 - $129.00

Puerto Rican Sliders are very unique in the slider world. They are nearly all gray or olive colored,…

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Popular Trending Products

Red Eared Sliders for sale- chilling on a rock.
$24.95 - $159.00

Countless requests for juvenile Red Eared Sliders have inspired us to make this species available in…

Premium Water Turtle Diet
$8.95 - $34.95

Our water turtle diet is the very same food that we raise our hatchlings on - and feed our breeders.…

Premium Tortoise Diet
$5.95 - $24.95

We feed all our tortoises this diet, from hatchlings to breeders. We moisten it, and mix it with mix…

Stinkpot Musk Turtles for sale
$34.95 - $129.00

Stinkpots or common musk turtles are mostly aquatic and do very well as resident“garbage disposals.”…

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Turtles that stay small. How about the Mississippi Map Turtle?

One of the most common requests we get at The turtle Source is to provide suggestions for turtles

Aug 1st 2021

How to unpack and care for you first turtle!

You did it! You bought the little turtle you always dreamed of - now what? Congratulations on

Jul 3rd 2021