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Lavender Paradox Albino Red Eared Slider

$895.00 - $1,495.00
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Product Description

Paradox is one of, if not the coolest of all the morphs...
The Lavender Paradox phase is the rarest, and arguably the prettiest of the many amazing Paradox color phases...
Remember, the Paradox gene is a dominant, yet faulty gene that keeps trying to correct itself - it wants to make normal, green red eared sliders - (sometimes it actually succeeds), when it fails - which it often does, very different (and very cool) stuff comes out . . . 
Every Paradox egg that hatches is like scratching a lottery ticket - that has 90% winners - you just don't know what you're going to get...
So one Lavender hatches out of every 50 or 60 eggs - only you can't quite tell it's going to be a Lavender until it's a few weeks old...  It is tricky ! 
Look at the pictures - Lavenders colors jump off the screen - they have gold colored shells and nails - with a few bright yellow high lights that really stand out.
Their skin is truly a unique and beautiful lavender color with whitish-yellow markings throughout. 
They have typical Paradox blue irises, and their standard red eared, red ear markings are a lighter red than normal.
In a picture, or in your hand - the colors on Lavenders just don't look real - but they are !
People ask why has it taken us so long to offer Lavender Paradox for people to keep...
With apologies, until recently the answer has been mostly mathematic.  We of course kept the first few to hold back and breed - the rest all went to China for many thousands of dollars a piece ...
And again with apologies, we had to deffer to our Chinese customers, who for several years bought every one we could hatch...
It is important to note that about 25% of Lavenders are born with reduced or smaller eyes - our Chinese customers paid extra for these knowing that their chances of breeding something very cool was improved with reduced eyes - here in the US we sell these with reduced eyes as imperfects at a reduced price - one man's trash is truly another man's treasure !
We only have a few Lavenders available - so if you want a stunning, super rare, show piece turtle - like nothing else out there - this is the one !                     

Other Details

Common Name:
Lavender Paradox Albino Red Eared Slider
Scientific Name:
Trachemys scripta elegans
Turtle Category:
North American Water Turtles
Turtle Subcategory:
Restricted States:

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