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Water Turtle Diet

$8.95 - $34.95
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Product Description

Our water turtle diet is the very same food that we raise our hatchlings on - and feed our breeders. It is the best mix of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals available. It's the right size for every size turtle; and it is made for both vegetarian and carnivorous species. We have some species up to third generation using this diet as the primary food. For years now we have recognized that it brings out the brightest colors in our turtles.

Diet Size:
Small - 9.5 oz.
Large - 1 lb. 4 oz.
Jumbo - 3 lb. 12 oz.

Our 9.5 ounce package will feed 2 small turtles for about six months or 2 medium turtles for about 3 months.
Our 1 pound, 4 ounce package will feed 2 small turtles for about a year, or 2 medium turtles for about 6 months

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  • 5
    Water turtle diet

    Posted by Colleen E on Jun 10th 2022

    Always excellent service. Quick delivery

  • 5
    Water Turtle Diet, Yummmm

    Posted by Squirtle the Turtle on May 6th 2022

    This seems to be the only food I really like (and I've tried them all). Luckily this was shipped with me when I was just a hatch-ling and I still love it 5 years later. Thanks for keeping it in stock!

  • 5
    Yearling Asian Yellow Pond turtle

    Posted by Sarah on May 5th 2022

    Second day of having this little turtle, he is very cute and active also looks heathy. Although a little smaller than I’ve expected, still love him on first sight.

  • 5
    Turtle Diet

    Posted by Turtlemom3022 on May 5th 2022

    My turtle loves the pellets!

  • 5
    Small turtle diet food

    Posted by Bradyn smith on Mar 17th 2022

    My baby turtles love the food and gobble it up every time I drop it in the tank for them!

  • 5
    Water turtle diet

    Posted by Christopher Sharp on Dec 30th 2021

    Been using right at 2 years now. Staple for my Australian River turtles. Turtles ….there are 3

  • 5
    Turtle food

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 22nd 2021

    Received the food I ordered quickly with my turtle purchase, A++!!

  • 5
    Turtle food

    Posted by kari chikka on Aug 6th 2021

    Food came in sealed baggy. I guess he likes it !

  • 5

    Posted by John Harshfield on Jul 28th 2021

    My 12 water turtles gooble these things up along with live night crawlers & frozen Jumbo Krill. Best I can tell, this is a very good combination for having healthy turtle friends :-)

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