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Puerto Rican Slider

$89.95 - $295.00
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Product Description

Puerto Rican Sliders are very unique in the slider world. They are nearly all gray or olive colored, with soft patterning, and faint to deep red ear marks, and their trademark golden eyes. Their plastrons (bellies) are distinctly patterned in gray and white circular designs - which makes for impressive displays on their upward travels...

One of the smaller of the slider species, our breeder Puerto Rican Sliders are only about 7". For a small turtle, they are not push overs - they like to hiss when handled and they aren't above the occasional nip. Still, they soon learn to race over to their keepers, whom they quickly imprint on, and they are very "in your face" friendly. Our's do very well with any equal sized or larger turtles.

Not surprisingly, many of these unique turtles are ordered by keepers who come from, or have lived in the Caribbean... A little bit of the Caribbean in a shell - they make fine tank turtles and do very well in warm weather ponds.

Puerto Rican Sliders (Trachemys stejnegeri) are found through out the fresh and brackish waters of Puerto Rico, on Hispaniola, in the Bahamas and on Guadeloupe, where they are thought to be introduced. Hatchlings are omnivorous, eating pellets, fish, worms, insects and greens; while adults shift more herbivorous, preferring greens and pellets, with occasional fish. Puerto Rican Sliders are very strong swimmers and quickly become the life of their tanks or ponds - small, strong and out going is their way.

Other Details

Common Name:
Puerto Rican Slider
Scientific Name:
Trachemys stejnegeri
Restricted States:
Turtle Category:
North American Water Turtles
Turtle Subcategory:

Warranty Information

We offer a 7 day health guarantee on our captive bred animals only provided all conditions are met as listed in our Terms and Conditions page.

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