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Nile Softshell Turtle

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Product Description


Nile Softshells are finally successfully bred in the United States! Nile Soft-shelled Turtles are almost non exsistent in the US, but after more than a decade of determined trial, error and experimentation, one single clutch of these amazing creatures made it past the raccoons and hatched out. They are now ready for experienced keepers...

Nile soft-shells are found in all African countries along the entire length of the Nile River and they also range into the Mediterranean Sea, into Egypt, Greece, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey and Syria.

They love both floating pellets and fish. When they are younger, temperatures from 76-82 degrees are ideal. As they grow, they do well in outside conditions with temps down into the lower 50s. Just like with all Softshells, they do best in water without chlorine.

With only a single clutch ever hatched here in the US, get yours while you can - they won't last long!


Other Details

Common Name:
Nile Softshell turtle
Scientific Name:
Trionyx triunguis
Turtle Category:
African Water Turtles
Turtle Subcategory:
Soft Shelled Turtles
Restricted States:

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