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Experience Levels



Good starter turtles are species that make it easy for novice keepers to gain valuable experience in keeping turtles. They typically are more flexible in temperature requirements, feeding and cleaning schedules, water treatment needs and they adjust to their environments and their keepers quickly.


Starter to Intermediate

The next step beyond starter turtles, this level is also quite flexible in their needs, but include a few "dos and don'ts" or extra requirements in their husbandry regimens.



Intermediate turtles are perfect for experienced keepers who are ready to work with species that have specific husbandry requirements. Their care includes regular monitoring to ensure that they are on the right track.


Intermediate to Advanced

This level of turtle is for species that are quite specific in their needs. Water, temperatures, food, environments, populations and even sex ratios are among the important factors in getting their care right - as with most animals, the more dedicated the keeper, the greater the reward, and working with these species is not only a challenge, but an accomplishment.



Advanced species are only for those keepers ready to take their turtle interests to the highest level. Careful consideration must be given to nearly every facet of husbandry. Getting it right, and keeping it right sounds easy, but these species are the ones that raise eyebrows when experienced turtle enthusiasts get together.



Starter Tortoise

Good starter tortoises are species that are perfect for giving beginning enthusiasts valuable experience in keeping tortoises. Keepers need to follow care sheet requirements on food and supplements, temperature and humidity, substrate and enclosures, the differences between indoor and out door keeping, and starter species' will do the rest. Simply "follow the manual" and a well established starter tortoise will thrive.


Intermediate Tortoise

For keepers with starter tortoise experience, who are ready to take on the challenges of the next level up. Special attention to care sheet requirements for food and supplements, temperature and humidity, substrate and enclosures are musts. Learning the differences between indoor and out door keeping, between keeping juveniles and breeding adults are similarly important. Keepers planning work with intermediate tortoises need to study available husbandry information, become very familiar with these species on every level; and understand what makes them more challenging to keep. Do this "home work" and you will be rewarded with success keeping intermediate tortoise species.


Advanced Tortoise

These are species that require care sheets to be followed, but also need careful attention paid to each specific animal's behavior and needs. Who's eating what? Who's not getting water? Who isn't getting along? Is a vet's attention needed? Etc. Learning the difference between keeping juveniles and adults is important. It can also be said that trying to breed some starter species will push them up to advanced... Dedication, and attention to detail are the dues we have to pay to get into the exclusive, but growing club of successful keepers of advanced tortoise species.