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Albino Red Eared Slider

$119.00 - $1,295.00
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Product Description

Albino Red Eared Sliders are one of the most striking of all turtles to keep. One in a million, their survival in the wild is almost impossible. Luckily a few breeders, produce them for keepers to appreciate and enjoy. Albino Red Eared Sliders are one of the few turtles that actually are hatched for gender by temperature. Ours are past the difficult early stages and well started. Albinos Red Ears behave the same as normal Red Eared Sliders, and they otherwise have the same husbandry requirements which follow:

The most common turtle available the world over, Red Eared Sliders make excellent starter turtles, and adults will brighten up outdoor ponds in nearly all US temperature zones. They do well in tanks, water and land setups, and when kept with most other species.

They bask frequently, and will even pile on top of each other for the best sunning position. In community set ups, it's often the red ears example that quickens other species taming down. Red ears are omnivorous, eating pellets, most greens, insects, fish, mollusks etc.

*Please note that Virginia and Florida do not allow Red Eared Sliders to be possessed by the public - so we are not able to ship normal colored Red Eared Sliders to those states. Florida does have a special exception for the different color morphs including: Ghost Red Ears, Albino Red Ears and Hypo/Pastel Red Ears; all of which can be shipped to Florida destinations.

Top photo shows a well started Juvenile. The middle photo shows some of our breeders (not for sale). The bottom photo shows a Juvenile Albino Red Eared Slider.

Other Details

Common Name:
Albino Red Eared Sliders
Scientific Name:
Trachemys scripta elegans
Restricted States:
Turtle Category:
North American Water Turtles
Turtle Subcategory:

Warranty Information

We offer a 7 day health guarantee on our captive bred animals only provided all conditions are met as listed in our Terms and Conditions page.


  • 5
    Albino, red eared slider

    Posted by Nic Peairs on May 31st 2024

    I was really wanting an albino red eared slider. I actually purchased the wrong one and then emailed them about it and they stopped the incorrect order that II was really wanting a albino red eared slider. I actually purchased the wrong one and then emailed them about it and they stopped the incorrect order that I put in and actually got me exactly what I wanted. I couldn’t be more happy with the turtle that I got.

  • 4
    red ear yearling

    Posted by Unknown on May 26th 2024

    ordered/received 1 newly hatched and 1 yearling red ear ear albino slider. great choices Right out of the shipping pkg both were finger friendly and their self confidence has only increased Now eating from our fingers. Good choice of breeders Wish their cust. contact process was easier They are beautiful turtles .

  • 3
    product is as promised, well packed for safe shipment but the cust

    Posted by Harry Gordon on May 2nd 2024

    turtle was as advertised well packed for safe shipment but the customer service is terrible. they neither answer phone calls or respond to text messages

  • 5
    Albino red ear slider

    Posted by Sandra Osorio on Jan 23rd 2024

    Fast shipping and looks very healthy.

  • 1

    Posted by jeffery on Jan 2nd 2024

    It died in 30 seconds

  • 5
    Albino Red Eared Sliders

    Posted by FG on Dec 4th 2023

    Adorable. Active. Very happy I got them.

  • 2
    Albino red ear slider

    Posted by Beau on Oct 31st 2023

    When the turtle arrived it was cold outside and the turtle was freezing. He is swimming around fine now, but it could’ve been a lot worse.

  • 5
    Albino Sliders

    Posted by Xavier Soto on Jul 21st 2023

    Beautiful condition and nice Turtles. Arrive on time

  • 5
    Beautiful baby turtle

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 2nd 2023

    Nice and healthy albino baby turtle ? . It kinda shy for a few days. Be patient with it. Alex and Amy are big help and support. Highly recommend it.