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Red Footed Tortoise

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Product Description

Red-footed Tortoises are the inhabitants of the exotic jungles of the Caribbean, Central and South America. They are quite intelligent, they have good memory and learn rapidly where and when food is available; and where shelter and basking is to be found. They have a strong sense of smell, and their sense of touch includes even the slightest contact with their shell.

Grasses, clover hay, dark, leafy greens, (except for spinach) cactus, carrots and mixed vegetables are all good for Red-footed Tortoises. Sweet, red fruits are their favorites. Supplements that are high in calcium and low in phosphorus, are best for this hearty species.

Red-footed Tortoises do very well in community settings. With a little extra care, hatchlings thrive with other tortoises. Shallow, warm water soaking every third day, a warm basking spot and plenty of food is the key for these pretty starter tortoises.

Red-footed Tortoises are one of the most popular species kept the world over - and once you begin working with them, it's easy to see why.

Other Details

Common Name:
Red Footed Tortoise
Scientific Name:
Geochelone Carbonaria
Starter Tortoise
Care Sheet:
View Red Footed Tortoises Care Sheet
Tortoise Category:
Restricted States:
Permits may be required in: OR, WA, HI

Warranty Information

We offer a 7 day health guarantee on our captive bred animals only provided all conditions are met as listed in our Terms and Conditions page.


  • 1
    Red foot tortoise

    Posted by Rachel Crawford on Sep 17th 2022

    I bought a red foot tortoise three weeks ago. They told us the hatchling was three months old. That was NOT true when we received it it was at least a year old. The one eye never opened and it never would eat the pellets that were sent with him. The info page says not to keep water in the tank. We found out that’s NOT true. We were told he would love attention and would be active and ours seemed off from day one. Our tortoise didn’t even last 3 weeks. For the amount of money we paid that’s ridiculous and they only have a warranty for 7 days! I’m extremely disappointed and would NEVER recommend them!

  • 5
    Red Footed Tortoise

    Posted by Gigi on Sep 13th 2022

    I'm incredibly impressed with the VIP customer service this company provides, including timely and even late night email responses. I adopted an 8 inch red footed tortoise and she arrived healthy and gorgeous. I almost fell prey to one of those "Turtle mills" - but luckily found this company instead. Great tortoise, great service- I'll be back for all my tortoise needs!

  • 5
    Red footed tortoise

    Posted by Kari on Aug 2nd 2022

    Arrived alive and healthy. Eager to see his new home. Beautiful colors. Thanks

  • 5
    Love my Red Foot Tortoises!!

    Posted by Gracie on Jul 28th 2022

    I bought 2 red foot tortoises from the Turtle Source and I love them both so much. I purchased one about a month ago and loved his little personality, so I just had to buy another! This is my favorite place to buy tortoises. Before I found this awesome site, I bought a tortoise from a reptile mill website, I had no idea it was from a mill! After that terrible experience, I was so happy to find Turtle Source. They are so communicative and want you to be happy with your tortoises. My hatchlings are adorable and I can tell they were raised very well. I will only recommend this website in the future for anyone wanting a tortoise! Please use them. They have made my experience so easy. Also they don’t abandon you! I had a question about my tortoise’s diet and they gave me tons of suggestions on what I could feed him. My confidence in them made me want to purchase another tortoise with them and I definitely will be back in the future!!

  • 5
    Redfoot Tortoises

    Posted by MR on Jul 15th 2022

    Happy and healthy hatchlings. As always, communicative customer service and beautiful reptiles. Thanks!

  • 5
    Beautiful and healthy sub adult female redfoot

    Posted by Hannah S. on Jun 23rd 2022

    The turtle source always ships with great care and emailed me with the option of shipping to a UPS center near me since temps would be above 85 and they could guarantee an earlier morning delivery time shipping to a center. It worked perfectly and she arrived at 9 am while temps were still mild. I have ordered many aquatic turtles and tortoises from the turtle source over the years and they know what they are doing. I was shipped a beautiful sub adult female redfoot. She is a good weight, isn't shy at all and started eating from my hand right away. I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to add this beauty to my group!

  • 5
    Red foot tortoise

    Posted by Jonathan Halbert on Jun 22nd 2022

    Very happy with purchase. Satisfaction as always. But think they sent me the dumbest one.Cant seem to stay on all 4.Must like lying on its back.HA,HA

  • 5
    Red foot tortoise

    Posted by Jonathan Halbert on Jun 18th 2022

    Great experience, always quality reptiles. AAA+++.Only one question. Price says 179.00 each. But when go to check out,the price goes to 199.00 each !!!

  • 5
    Thanks you guys.

    Posted by Erick Miranda on Apr 13th 2022

    Keep doing what you guys are doing. Thanks you guys.

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