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Mexican Ornate Slider

$44.95 - $139.00
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Regular $49.95- Cyber Monday Sale $29. Hatchlings Only.

Product Description

Found only in Mexico and Honduras, Mexican Ornate Sliders are a very pretty slider, with deeper colors, red circles and black spots. They thrive in mostly water setups and love to bask.

True omnivores, they readily take pellets and most anything else offered. Adults do well in larger tanks, and they make very pretty additions to outdoor ponds in warmer months, or in warmer climates.

Other Details

Common Name:
Mexican Ornate Sliders
Scientific Name:
Trachemys Venusta Venusta
Restricted States:
Turtle Category:
North American Water Turtles
Turtle Subcategory:

Warranty Information

We offer a 7 day health guarantee on our captive bred animals only provided all conditions are met as listed in our Terms and Conditions page.


  • 5
    Mexican Ornate Slider

    Posted by Tiffani H. on Apr 9th 2022

    Shipped quickly and packaged securely! I purchased a hatchling and it is just as pictured and described! So adorable! Would definitely recommend to anyone wishing to add a turtle/tortoise to their family!

  • 5
    Great service

    Posted by Paul on Mar 24th 2022

    Received our two turtles overnight as promised. Since receiving them I wrote a email with questions and it was answered right away. Great customer service

  • 5
    Mexican Ornate Slider

    Posted by Elaine Amato on Feb 22nd 2022

    When the turtles arrived it was like opening the best Christmas present ever. The girls were well packed and even came with a heat pack as they had been shipped to a colder climate. I loved their size (yearlings) and were bigger than I expected. They were healthy and active and seem to be enjoying their new “digs.” They have joined a hatchling red ear slider and they brought some life to his lonely existence. They share a tank with a waterfall, heat lamp and basking area. The pattern on their shells is gorgeous. I would definitely order again from your company but expect that I probably won’t need to if they live as long as their life expectancy. Thank you for sending me these beauties. I am so happy!

  • 5
    Mexican ornate slider

    Posted by Austin on Aug 19th 2021

    Package was delivered on time as well as completely intact, with no residual damage to either outside or inside of box. Turtle was stored safely away and arrived in good spirit!

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