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Giant Asian Leaf Pond Turtle (Heosemys grandis)

$129.00 - $299.00
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Product Description

Giant Asian Leaf or Pond Turtles  (Heosemys grandis) are found in the shallow mountain and low land streams of Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, southern Vietnam and southern Laos. This species makes for excellent pets. They are true omnivores, eating fruits, vegetables, invertebrates, meat and fish. Ours quickly eat pellets, romaine lettuce and just about anything we offer them.

Juvenile Asian Pond Turtles spend most of their time in the water. As they get older, they spend more time on land. They get their name from their shells which range from beige to mahogany brown, and look more like a round leaf than a turtle shell. They have pretty, detailed plastron (belly) patterns, and have soft orange markings on their heads and necks. Asian Leaf Turtles love to bask, and do very well in temperatures from the 50s to the low 90s. Also called Asian Leaf Turtles, they are very friendly and quickly learn to recognize their keepers. We've raised these from hatchlings, and they run across their tank to greet you when you come into view.

Other Details

Common Name:
Asian Giant Leaf Turtles
Scientific Name:
(Heosemys grandis)
Restricted States:
Turtle Category:
Asian Water Turtles

Warranty Information

We offer a 7 day health guarantee on our captive bred animals only provided all conditions are met as listed in our Terms and Conditions page.


  • 5
    Giant Asian leaf turtle

    Posted by Michael shaub on Oct 5th 2023

    I have purchased turtles from turtle source for many years. The giant Asian leaf turtles are wonderful I highly recommend turtle source.. Their turtles are always as advertised and arrive in good condition

  • 3
    “Cyclemys Dentata” Really is Heosemys Grandis

    Posted by James terelle on Oct 16th 2021

    In your guys description it states this is cyclemys dentata when the species is really heosemys grandis, it would be wise to correct this as the two species are very different in size when fully grown. I on the other hand could tell from your pictures that this was heosemys grandis and knew what I was buying, other people may be less fortunate and end up with a Giant Asian pond turtle that they can’t take care of

  • 5
    Asian golden leaf turtle

    Posted by Charles Young on Jul 24th 2021

    Package arrived quickly. A live healthy unstressed well started Asian golden leaf turtle that ate right away and is thriving. Just like all turtles I get from the turtle source. Same can not be said about other turtle and tortoise breeders in Florida with inc at the end of their name

  • 4
    Asian golden leaf turtle

    Posted by Charles Young on Jul 23rd 2021

    Only gave a 4 because it arrived a day earlier then scheduled. Arrived alive and healthy and ate for me no problem