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Elongated Tortoise

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Product Description

Here's the perfect tortoise to keep with your Red Footed & Yellow Footed Tortoises. They are just as tropical, eat the same foods, like the same temps & high humidity - stay the same sizes, get along with everyone, & they look very different - and very handsome.

Elongated Tortoises are found in tropical forests, high in the hills and plateaus of Northeastern India, Bangladesh, Burma and Thailand south to Malaysia. Although Elongated Tortoises are a mountain species, there are reports that they can withstand very high temperatures. Still they are not very fond of basking.

Indotestudo elongata (meaning Indian, Elongated Tortoise) are most active in the mornings and the evenings, when they hunt their diet of fallen fruits, flowers, dark leafy greens, and protein in the form of the occasional earth worm or slug. We use a calcium supplement with vitamin D3 on all their food, including pellet ed tortoise diet.

The head coloration of Elongated Tortoises can be pale yellow to almost a ghostly white. During the breeding season, the skin around the eyes and nose of adults becomes pink - hence the local name“red nosed tortoise.

While rare in the US, Elongated Tortoises are the most common tortoise found in the Chinese food markets. This situation is seriously threatening their wild populations. Our juveniles are second and third generation captive bred tortoises, selected for color, and well started.

Pictured in the top two photos is a well stared 7 week old Elongated Tortoise. Bottom photo shows a 3+ inch yearling Elongated Tortoise.

Other Details

Common Name:
Elongated Tortoises
Scientific Name:
Inditestudo Eongata
Intermediate Tortoise
Care Sheet:
View Elongated Tortoises Care Sheet
Tortoise Category:
Rare and Exotic
Restricted States:

Warranty Information

We offer a 7 day health guarantee on our captive bred animals only provided all conditions are met as listed in our Terms and Conditions page.

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