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Travancore Tortoise: Indotestudo travencorica

Category: Rare & Exotic

Experience Level: Intermediate Tortoise [?]

Care Sheet: Juvenile Tortoises

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One of the rarest tortoises bred in captivity, Travencore Tortoises (Indotestudo travancorica) are only found in the limited hill country of south western India. Their habitat is made up of hilly forests and rocky areas. When it's very hot they will burrow into the forest leaf litter. A big fan of fruit, groups of Travencore Tortoises can be seen gathering under fruit trees when in season. Travencore tortoises also have a fondness for mushrooms, greens, carrion and even invertebrates and frogs. Our juveniles savor leafy greens, fruits, cactus pads, squash and tortoise diet mixed with veggies.

Travencore tortoises appreciate high humidity levels, and we soak ours 3 time each week. Juveniles resemble little domed orange pumpkins as they very actively move about. Adults can range from chocolate brown to reddish brown with soft black markings (like our adults). Their heads are a creamy white, and become pinkish red during breeding season. A very active, outgoing and personable tortoise, Travencores are almost never seen in breeder's collections, and are only occasionally available in the US. This species is right at the top of rare and exotic tortoises - and one that most keepers never even get the chance to work with.

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