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Chiapas Giant Musk Turtle: Staurotypus salvinii

Category: Mud and Musk Turtles

Experience Level: Starter to Intermediate [?]


Chiapas Giant Musk Turtles (Staurotypus salvinii), or more commonly known as Salvinii, are the smaller of the two Giant Musk turtles. Reaching 10'', most adults are 6-7. Salvinii have fine yellow to orange spots on their heads and yellow lower jaws. They inhabit the slow moving waterways of Chiapas and Oaxaca Mexico; and their range extends south ward to El Salvador and into Guatemala.

Staurotypus Salvinii are quite vicious carnivores (even biting right out of the egg) and will take any animal matter offered. Not for the faint of heart, and just like their cousins, the Mexican Giant Musk turtles (Staurotypus triporcatus), they will eat anything they can catch. We feed our babies pellets, cut meat and cut fish. Our breeder adults will sometimes eat plants.

Chiapas Giant musk turtles are basically the pacific side version of the Mexican Giant Musk Turtle, and are similarly one of the best tank turtles. They are excellent swimmers, and do well in shallow water; and when raised with others of their kind, they get along very well.

Our 2008 hatching has just started, so if you're looking to keep a very aggressive, little turtle, with razor sharp jaws, and eats more like a starving little monster than your average turtle, Staurotypus salvinii are what you're looking for.

Pictured are: A 2008 Juvenile, an emerging hatchling, and an adult female

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4: We have just a few 4" Male Three year old Chiapas Giant Musk Turtles: *Sorry these Turtles have been ordered*

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5: We have just one XXXL 8" Adult Breeding Sized Male Chiapas Giant Musk Turtle (possibly a record sized turtle): *Sorry, this turtle has been ordered*

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