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Two Headed Yellow Bellied Sliders

$2,495.00 - $2,995.00
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Product Description

Yes, two heads! This Yellow Belly was that one in a million born with two heads. It was born in June, and has been doing very well ever since. It is well past the early fragile stage. The head on the turtle's left is the dominant one. Both heads feed and move independently. Considering it's extreme rarity, special care should be given to be sure the turtle is set up in an easily navigated, turtle friendly environment. The keeper who orders this turtle will truly have something very special...It behaves very much like a one headed Yellow Bellied Slider - whose description follows:

Yellow Bellied Sliders are mostly aquatic and love to bask. They make excellent starter turtles, and adults will add color to outdoor ponds in all but the coldest temperature zones. They do well in tanks, with primarily water setups, and get along very well when kept with most other species.

They bask frequently, and often pile on top of each other for the highest possible sunning position. In community set ups, Yellow Bellied Sliders are usually the first turtle that will become tame - setting the example for other species. Yellow Bellied Sliders are omnivorous, eating pellets, most greens, insects, fish, mollusks etc. Water plants are a favorite food and a favorite“hang out. They are a fine species for community tanks and ponds.

Other Details

Common Name:
Two Headed Yellow Bellied Sliders
Scientific Name:
Trachemys scripta scripta
Intermediate to Advanced
Restricted States:
Turtle Category:
North American Water Turtles
Turtle Subcategory:

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