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Asian Box Turtle

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Product Description

Asian Box Turtles, also kown as the Malayan Box Turtles were once very common in South East Asia and Indonesia. Demand for them in the Chinese food market has severely diminished their numbers in the wild. The most aquatic of all the box turtles, Asian Box Turtles do very well in set ups that offer both land and water. Babies spend more time in the water, but venture onto land often. They do well on an omnivorous diet.

Community tanks, with species that enjoy both land and water work well for this species. Imported adults are frequently available, but captive born juveniles, which are much hardier, are the rarer find.

Other Details

Common Name:
Asian Box Turtle
Scientific Name:
Cuora amboinensis
Turtle Category:
Box Turtles
Restricted States:

Warranty Information

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