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Tortoise Diet

$5.95 - $24.95
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Product Description

We feed all our tortoises this diet, from hatchlings to breeders. We moisten it, and mix it with mixed vegetables, calcium supplement and the favorite foods of the specific tortoise species we are feeding.

Made specifically for tortoises, this diet is the perfect blend of fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals that is essential for tortoises to grow, thrive and breed.

Diet Size:
Small - 7.2 oz.
Large - 15.5 oz.
Jumbo - 3 lb. 2 oz.

When mixed as described above:

Our 7.2 ounce package will feed 2 small tortoises for about 3 months.or 1 medium tortoise for about 3 months.
Our 15.5 ounce package will feed 2 small sized tortoises for about six months, or one medium tortoise for about six months.

Other Details

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  • 4
    Tortoise diet

    Posted by Jeanne Nelson on Aug 18th 2023

    My tortoises seem to really chow down on this formulated diet. I would have given it 5 starts IF they had provided some in struction/ingredient info. Do you soak it for hatchlings or feed it dry. Inquisitive minds would like to know!

  • 5
    Tortoise diet

    Posted by Joey on Jul 23rd 2023

    Just want to say my tortoise and juvenile and adult box turtles have been eating the tortoise diet for years and seem to love it after being soaked in various fruit juices. No complaints at all with product.

  • 5
    Tortoise food is excellent. Highly nutritional and my tortoises love it.

    Posted by Teresa Boutwell on Mar 11th 2023

    Excellent source for tortoises and food.

  • 5
    The tortoise food is excellent. Highly nutritional and my tortoises love it.

    Posted by Teresa Boutwell on Mar 11th 2023

    A bag zipper broke on one bag and the tortoise food was spilled out into the shipping box upon delivery. Maybe tape tops of bags or bigger or heavier duty bags.?

  • 1
    Tortise Diet

    Posted by Howard on Nov 4th 2022

    I ordered and paid for Jumbo, you sent small!

  • 5
    Tortoise diet

    Posted by Patrick Germany on Jul 17th 2022

    Our tortoise loves it and good size bag for the price

  • 5
    Tortoise food

    Posted by Tammie Jo Shults on Jun 10th 2022

    I’ve used it for 15 years for my tortoises

  • 5
    Tortoise Diet

    Posted by Erick on May 30th 2022

    Titan loves this food. Soak in water a bit before serving. We mix it daily with a variety of fresh greens and our Tortoise stays healthy. A little goes a long way for a regular Russian we use 3 to 4 daily with the greens. Using the Tortoise Diet ensures he gets enough fiber, which wouldn't be the case if we just fed him Romaine lettuce. Customer Service from Turtle Source is always outstanding! Thanks.

  • 5
    Tortoise food/ company in general

    Posted by Jake lachance on May 11th 2022

    Hopefully you guys read this cause this is feedback I bought a healthy redfoot tortoise from you guys 7 years ago now I’ve had him since I was 11 and I always buy food from. You guys too always keeps my redfoot healty and I’ve always incorporated it in his feed. When I bought my redfoot (tortellini) you waited until the weather was warm enough to send it in the mail and packaged very well. 5 stars

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