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Sulcata Tortoise

$139.00 - $595.00
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Please be sure to order a Health Certificate for Sulcata tortoises if you live outside of Florida.

Product Description

Sulcata tortoises, also called African spurred tortoises, originally came from hottest and driest regions of Northern Africa. Their importation ended in 2000, so nearly all available animals are captive born here in the US. Breeders now produce this species readily, and well started juvenile Sulcattas are relatively easy to work with. This species does best when kept in low humidity, but juveniles need more moisture and we soak ours two or three times each week in warm shallow water until they reach 8"(at about 4 - 6 years). Sulcatta Tortoises are a desert species and should never have a water bowl. Constant access to greens and short, shallow soakings (3 times a week for hatchlings, twice a week for yearlings and two year olds, and once each week for adults) is their source of hydration. Juveniles do best between 80 f - 90 f with warmer basking areas.

Sulcattas are eating machines and juveniles will graze on grasses, hay, and tortoise pellets mixed with veggies for hours at a time. Adults do well on mostly grasses; and all sizes enjoy dark leafy greens fruits and vegetables in moderation. A calcium supplement is an important part of their diet. Care must be taken to be sure that foods containing protein or too much phosphorus are avoided, and that colorful, non edible items are not with in reach. Sulcattas try to climb, and care must be taken to prevent them from flipping over.

The USDA requires a veterinary health certificate for Sulcattas (and Leopard Tortoises) to be shipped from state to state. The Turtle Source is pleased to provide these health certificates  for a small fee of $12.95. Obtaining the health certificate may delay shipping by one day.

Please visit our Adult sulcata category for bigger sizes. 


Other Details

Common Name:
Sulcata Tortoises
Scientific Name:
Geochelone sulcata
Starter Tortoise
Care Sheet:
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Tortoise Category:
Restricted States:

Warranty Information

We offer a 7 day health guarantee on our captive bred animals only provided all conditions are met as listed in our Terms and Conditions page.


  • 5
    Sulcata Tortoise

    Posted by Bobby LaGrone on Nov 6th 2022

    I received my beautiful Sulcata Tortoise in less w24 hours including health certificate. I love my new buddy and highly recommend The Turtle Source as a merchant. The website is filled with lots of great information about the breeds they sell including how to care for them.

  • 5
    Great Delivery

    Posted by Heather Bottum on Aug 18th 2022

    Great packaging. the tortoise was in perfect condition and was safe during the shipping process! I was worried about it but it was great!

  • 5

    Posted by Ivis on Jul 31st 2022

    We placed an order and received our new life-long little guy the next morning! He was well tucked and packaged, arrived safe and sound. Amy was very helpful with answering our questions. We cant wait to watch our Steve grow.

  • 5
    Sulcata tortoise

    Posted by Patrick Germany on Jul 17th 2022

    Fast shipping arrived happy and alert

  • 5
    Sulcata Tortoise

    Posted by Amy Dressel on Jul 8th 2022

    Received my little hatchling a few days ago and am very happy with my purchase ! He came out of the box healthy and active . He's had a great appetite and is very curious of his surroundings . I would definitely buy from Turtle Source again !

  • 5
    Amazing and would 100% Recommend

    Posted by Eric Hollingsworth on May 25th 2022

    This was my first ever animal to be shipped. I 100% love how easy it was, how much the company cares and wants to help even longterm, and the quality of my Sulcata Tortoise is perfect. Within the first 30 minutes my little one was out walking around and eating. Thank you!!!!! Thank you!!!!! Thank you!!!!!! If you are looking for beautiful critters then this is your place without doubt.

  • 5
    Order/delivery review.

    Posted by Donald Dahlberg on Dec 2nd 2021

    He/she arrived in good condition, and I'm letting the little guy rest in his new enclosure.

  • 5
    Sulcata tortoise

    Posted by Sandy Kinman on Oct 25th 2021

    Tortoise came well packaged. They changed ship date once due to weather to ensure it's safety. It is healthy and active. Thank you.

  • 5
    Wonderful little guy

    Posted by Jami Grooms on Aug 27th 2021

    Great customer service and absolute care for the baby. Wasn’t safe to ship to my house so arranged to pick up at a UPS center. Little guy was packed safely away and arrived full of energy. Will use them again if the opportunity arises.