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Paradox Albino Red Eared Slider

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Product Description

*It's been 4 years for this morph and here's what we know so far:

1) 2018 was the first year females were ever hatched - so the game is still very new.

2)There have now been several first breedings with non Paradox RES that have produced hatching Paradox - so the gene is clearly dominant.(kudos to Dave and Julie at Starborn Reptiles who've recently hatched several Paradox from first breedings with Caramel Pink and Snow Albinos !)

3) Every single Paradox egg to hatch has now sixteen (16) different possibilities - including: The new Lavender Paradox with a white shell, with gold markings and eye catching lavender skin with striking white markings, Albino Paradox, Leubino Paradox, Lime Paradox, Het (green) Paradox, Het (green) Paradox with black Paradox markings all over, now 4 "crazy" forms of Albino Paradox with lots of normal green and some times black markings, Albino Paradox with reduced eyes that are usually siblings to "crazy" Paradox, and even a Hibino Paradox born all yellow, with red eyes that later turned jet black as the turtle grew, and shell and skin that developed an extraordinary amount of black markings all over, Emerald Albino Paradox that look like the Albino Phase - with green color bleeding into the yellow - and the very latest Camouflage Paradox - a striking black & gold colored shell with silver/white feet and large amounts of black Paradox markings - that when sitting on a brown rock with holes in it - blends in very impressively (look on our social media for pics of all these ! : )� � . . .

4) About 20% of hatchlings are born with small Paradox markings, another 75% develop Paradox markings on their shells and skin as they grow, the remaining 5 percent that don't develop Paradox markings turn out very brightly colored and strikingly pretty (Leubino and Lavender phases) ...

5) The world's best breeders all agree that this morph does not follow any known genetic pattern . . .

6) If you're breeding Paradox to Paradox, or Paradox to any other morph, the sky is the limit on what you can make or hatch - and the morph is still new enough for anyone to start with them today.

*The original description*

A completely new morph !

Paradox Albinos are not related to Snows, Leubinos, Caramels or Charcoals - but imagine what you could make by putting all their genes together ! As adults they are yellow/white or Lime, with a few to many black Pinto like blotches all over them - a few even have some normal traces of green markings - like random drops of paint on a canvas - each is unique - and crazy to look at...

As hatchlings, this new morph's eyes have the blue iris like a Caramel, but with a very large glowing red pupil - more like a snow - making clear that their mutation is a form of albinism ...
When hatchlings close their eyes, you can clearly see the glowing red pupil & iris, right through their eyelids - almost as if their eyes were still open (as adults, their eyes darken up - but always show albino red in sunlight). Hatchling's heads, limbs and skin is all very transparent & under a soft 40 watt light their soft parts actually glow (see the top photo). When they first hatch, their shells and skin are soft yellow and light pink - in a few weeks fully defined patterns develop and some even have traces of blue/black or green pigment randomly appear on their carapaces & plastrons (Paradox) suggesting even more possibilities on their genetic tool belts. As they grow, they have small to large black - and sometimes normal green colored markings all over their shells and skin - some even develop a lime albino color...

Their "all from the eye" head striping makes you think of many other species - and yet these are 100% Red Ear all the way...

In a picture - or in your hand it's clear that this new RES morph is like nothing else - but their greatest appeal is the potential morphs Paradox Albinos could create with Charcoals, Leubinos, Caramels and Snows - (think ball pythons)... When asked what to call this new morph - one top breeder simply said with an exasperated sigh: " POSSESSED !?! " Paradox Albinos - and they just might hold the keys to the future of RES breeding . . .

Other Details

Common Name:
Paradox Albino Red Eared Slider
Scientific Name:
Trachemys scripta elegans
Turtle Category:
North American Water Turtles
Turtle Subcategory:
Restricted States:

Warranty Information

We offer a 7 day health guarantee on our captive bred animals only provided all conditions are met as listed in our Terms and Conditions page.


  • 5
    Paradox Albino Red Eared Slider

    Posted by David on Dec 9th 2022

    Amazing looking turtle! Marcus dedicated time to answer my questions about the Paradox gene. I can't say enough how customer service driven the Turtle Source is. Keep up the good work!