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North American Wood Turtle

$275.00 - $895.00
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If the federal government gets it's wish, this amazing, captive born species will not be able to go over state lines in just a couple of months - get yours now while you still can !

Product Description

North American Woods have tremendous personalities. In intelligence tests, this species tests higher than some mammals. They learn very easily, and very quickly. They are great in groups. They will do well in mostly aquatic tanks, or on mostly land, depending upon your set up. Clean, chlorinated tap water is perfect for this species that inhabits clean, cold mountain streams.

North American woods are all- terrain turtles, they are excellent climbers, they will burrow into mud, they like to bask, and they like to swim, even diving to the bottom for food, exploration, or to sleep.

Juveniles are mostly carnivores, taking insects, meat, pellets and anything that moves. Adults will also take most fruits and vegetables. It is virtually impossible for any size wood to pass up an earth worm.

Truly one of the best species to set up, these turtles reward keepers both in tanks, and in outdoor pens/ponds with many years of both interesting and gratifying experiences. The blood line that we have been working with for many years is particularly high colored, and has been featured both on the cover, and as the centerfold of Reptiles Magazine. One of our females is also the cover animal on Ronald Orenstein's book: “Turtles, Tortoises & Terrapins.”

** Please note that North American Wood Turtles are protected through out their range, and can only be shipped to states that they occur naturally in if the recipient has obtained the proper state permit. This includes Maine south to Virginia, and west to Ohio, Michigan and Iowa. Shipping to non range states does not require any special permits**

Other Details

Common Name:
North American Wood Turtles
Scientific Name:
Glyptemys Insculpta
Restricted States:
Turtle Category:
Wood Turtles

Warranty Information

We offer a 7 day health guarantee on our captive bred animals only provided all conditions are met as listed in our Terms and Conditions page.


  • 5
    North American Wood Turtle (yearling)

    Posted by Thomas F. on Apr 21st 2023

    Last last October I ordered a yearling North American wood turtle from the Turtle Source. I had called them and spoken to an employee named Taylor and explained to him what I was looking for. About 35 years ago I'd owned seven adult North American wood turtles but an unexpected change in my work situation required that I find a new home for them. I was very disappointed but fortunately located a zoo with a good reputation and a very nice reptile collection who was interested in taking them in and so that's where they went. Flash forward to last fall and I'm aware that decided to obtain a yearling because I wanted to raise a North American wood turtle from a very early age to adulthood. Being aware that hatchlings can sometimes be difficult to keep healthy and thriving is what steered me towards the yearling which The Turtle Source indicated were in stock. The next day the box was delivered to my door and upon opening it I found a moistened and moving sock-sized cloth bag with a drawstring at the top along with a heat pack. The entire container was packaged very well with plenty of air holes provided and the heat pack being warm but not hot which was just right for the October temps here in Colorado. In opening the small bag I got the first glimpse of my new wood turtle. I was pleased to see that he/she?? had lots of orange coloration on his front & rear limbs and the fleshy areas surrounding them. Each scute was surrounded with a light tan area with the darker brown towards the middle as well as the distinct sculpturing which does indeed look like he finally carved piece of mahogany wood. I was also pleased to note that his shell was firm and not soft, his eyes were clear with no discharge and that he appeared alert and active. He was/is 3 inches long from the front to rear edges of his carapace. In summation he/she appeared to be in perfect health. I already had his home prepared which is a large clear soft plastic sweater box about 3 feet long, 2 feet ft wide and 8 inches high. I'd filled it was cool clear water of approximately an inch and a half depth and in the center had placed a flat rock approximately 1 inch high and 8 inches in diameter. I should note that his container as well as the rock we're sterilized with a very mild solution of bleach and then were wrenched off repeatedly until there was no trace left of the bleach odor or film. And at that point I put Mr. Woodley in his new home. After about an hour I put in a small earthworm which Mr Woodley quickly attacked and gulped down. To my surprise he's not shown much interest in worms since then but ravenously eats Mazuri aquatic turtle pellets. I can't recommend the Mazuri turtle and tortoise pellets highly enough. They make an excellent dry chow which provides all the necessary nutrients needed for turtles and especially the calcium which is critical for the proper development and growth of shells of young developing turtles. I have no doubt that as he gets larger he will show considerable interest in appropriately size worms as well as other foods but the time being he's thriving on the Mazuri aquatic turtles pellets. At this point I've had Mr Woodley for exactly 6 months. He continues to be very healthy, eats very well and as expected from the highly intelligent North American wood turtles he has learned to respond to me when I come to the side of his enclosure and talk to him. He actually physically responds to me by cocking his head in my direction, extends his neck out fully and quickly comes over to the side where I'm located. He does this every time I come over to his home so there's no doubt that he's responding to me. Obviously he's not a dog or similar animal but I'm aware that North American Wood turtles are considered to be among the most intelligent of all reptiles and in fact have been observed to learn to navigate a maze in a way similar to mice and rats. So in summation I'm very pleased with the treatment I received from the Turtle Source, the quality of the North American wood turtle that was sent to me, his shipping container and his continued great health and development. As a result I'm seriously considering ordering another yearling North American wood turtle from them in the near future. Signed, A very satisfied Turtle Source customer.

  • 5
    Excellent service from ordering to delivery!

    Posted by Mike on Feb 8th 2023

    Box was damaged from a loader but did not punch through to the baby container. Whew!

  • 5
    North American Wood Turtle

    Posted by Michael on Nov 30th 2022

    This animal has been a Dream Turtle since I was young. The Turtle Source made it a Reality in 2022. I ordered 2 on Black Friday after seeing the Promotion and then ordered 2 more on Cyber Monday. "Taylor" was a Wealth of Knowledge when I spoke with him (on an extremely busy Monday) on the phone and his responses to my emails. Four perfect, healthy and larger than anticipated, well started hatchlings arrived right on time! Beautiful coloring. The extra food and orange pen is ALWAYS a Nice Bonus. Thanks again for ALWAYS providing the best looking and healthiest animals. You have a Life Long Customer and Friend in me. Next orders will be Reeves Turtles and eventually a Chinese Big Headed Turtle. Much Respect, Michael

  • 5
    Turtle source

    Posted by Mike shaub on Sep 24th 2022

    I have purchased many turtles from the turtle source.they all have been healthy great turtles.Marcus is extremely knowledgeable and helpful and i strongly recommend the turtle source if you want to purchase first class turtles

  • 5
    Wood Turtles and Turtle Source

    Posted by Ritt J Enderson on Nov 3rd 2021

    I have purchased a number of turtles from The Turtle Source over the years. The animals have always been perfectly healthy, high quality and well cared for. Packaging is done with obvious care and attention to detail. Shipping is flawless and communication through the whole transaction is excellent. One can tell the folks there are passionate about what they do and they really go the extra mile to give customers a good experience. The Turtle Source is at least as importantly a great source for supplies, advice and first class information on husbandry details about your critters. The prices tend to be comparatively high, but consider that a worthwhile investment. How many sick turtles do you buy to equal a single healthy one?

  • 5
    Wood Turtle

    Posted by Irving ramirez on Oct 22nd 2021

    Outstanding shipment

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