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North American Wood Turtle

$275.00 - $1,295.00
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If the federal government gets it's wish, this amazing, captive born species will not be able to go over state lines in just a couple of months - get yours now while you still can !

Product Description

North American Woods have tremendous personalities. In intelligence tests, this species tests higher than some mammals. They learn very easily, and very quickly. They are great in groups. They will do well in mostly aquatic tanks, or on mostly land, depending upon your set up. Clean, chlorinated tap water is perfect for this species that inhabits clean, cold mountain streams.

North American woods are all- terrain turtles, they are excellent climbers, they will burrow into mud, they like to bask, and they like to swim, even diving to the bottom for food, exploration, or to sleep.

Juveniles are mostly carnivores, taking insects, meat, pellets and anything that moves. Adults will also take most fruits and vegetables. It is virtually impossible for any size wood to pass up an earth worm.

Truly one of the best species to set up, these turtles reward keepers both in tanks, and in outdoor pens/ponds with many years of both interesting and gratifying experiences. The blood line that we have been working with for many years is particularly high colored, and has been featured both on the cover, and as the centerfold of Reptiles Magazine. One of our females is also the cover animal on Ronald Orenstein's book: “Turtles, Tortoises & Terrapins.”

** Please note that North American Wood Turtles are protected through out their range, and can only be shipped to states that they occur naturally in if the recipient has obtained the proper state permit. This includes Maine south to Virginia, and west to Ohio, Michigan and Iowa. Shipping to non range states does not require any special permits**

Other Details

Common Name:
North American Wood Turtles
Scientific Name:
Glyptemys Insculpta
Restricted States:
Turtle Category:
Wood Turtles

Warranty Information

We offer a 7 day health guarantee on our captive bred animals only provided all conditions are met as listed in our Terms and Conditions page.


  • 5
    North American Wood Turtle

    Posted by Michael on Nov 30th 2022

    This animal has been a Dream Turtle since I was young. The Turtle Source made it a Reality in 2022. I ordered 2 on Black Friday after seeing the Promotion and then ordered 2 more on Cyber Monday. "Taylor" was a Wealth of Knowledge when I spoke with him (on an extremely busy Monday) on the phone and his responses to my emails. Four perfect, healthy and larger than anticipated, well started hatchlings arrived right on time! Beautiful coloring. The extra food and orange pen is ALWAYS a Nice Bonus. Thanks again for ALWAYS providing the best looking and healthiest animals. You have a Life Long Customer and Friend in me. Next orders will be Reeves Turtles and eventually a Chinese Big Headed Turtle. Much Respect, Michael

  • 5
    Turtle source

    Posted by Mike shaub on Sep 24th 2022

    I have purchased many turtles from the turtle source.they all have been healthy great turtles.Marcus is extremely knowledgeable and helpful and i strongly recommend the turtle source if you want to purchase first class turtles

  • 5
    Wood Turtles and Turtle Source

    Posted by Ritt J Enderson on Nov 3rd 2021

    I have purchased a number of turtles from The Turtle Source over the years. The animals have always been perfectly healthy, high quality and well cared for. Packaging is done with obvious care and attention to detail. Shipping is flawless and communication through the whole transaction is excellent. One can tell the folks there are passionate about what they do and they really go the extra mile to give customers a good experience. The Turtle Source is at least as importantly a great source for supplies, advice and first class information on husbandry details about your critters. The prices tend to be comparatively high, but consider that a worthwhile investment. How many sick turtles do you buy to equal a single healthy one?

  • 5
    Wood Turtle

    Posted by Irving ramirez on Oct 22nd 2021

    Outstanding shipment

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