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Hybrid Ouachita Map and Red Eared Slider

$375.00 - $995.00
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Product Description

For keepers looking for something truly unique, here it is...

A single clutch of eggs laid by a female Ouachita Map Turtle who had been in brief contact with a male Red Eared Slider, produced these two unusual Hybrid combinations of both species. Their shell and head shapes, skin, shell, belly and head patterns are near perfect mixes of the two very different types of turtles. As if mixing their parents green and gray colors, their coloring is a khaki green with faint orange and black highlights, that makes you look - and look again to see if what you're looking at is real.

Their care is the same as for Ouachita Maps & Red Eared Sliders - their only behavioral difference seems to be that they are more outgoing and active than either of their parent species . . .

Until now this type of hybridization was not known to be possible - there are just two of these interesting hybrid turtles in the world today - If you want to keep something that exists no where else, these two are your turtles . . .

Other Details

Common Name:
Ouachita Map Red Eared Slider Hybrid
Scientific Name:
Graptmys Ouachitensis - Trachemys Scripta Elegans
Restricted States:
Turtle Category:
North American Water Turtles
Turtle Subcategory:
Map Turtles

Warranty Information

We offer a 7 day health guarantee on our captive bred animals only provided all conditions are met as listed in our Terms and Conditions page.

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