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Complete Tortoise Habitat

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Product Description

This is the complete kit for anyone just starting out with tortoises. Large hatchlings, juveniles and small tortoises up to 6 inches are a perfect fit for this set up. Smaller species like Russian Tortoises can live permanently in the Habitat. The high density, high impact, easy cleaning plastic will last your tortoise's lifetime. It comes complete with a sleeping compartment perfect for holding in night time heat and moisture for juveniles and tropical species - the compartment's flip top makes for easy access and daytime viewing. The heating pad adheres directly to the bottom of the habitat and will provide the proper sleeping temperatures for your tortoise. The deep domed light fixture works perfectly with the reptisun bulb to provide both UVB and heat for your tortoise's basking spot. The lamp stand allows you to safely suspend your light without a view obstructing tank lid. The stand can be raised and lowered to adjust the basking temperature; and can be turned and will extend - adjusting to sit above any area in the habitat. Each kit includes a timer for the night time heating pad, and a second timer for your daytime basking light.

Each kit also includes extra fine cypress bedding to give your tortoise a soft, easy to navigate substrate. This bedding both holds in moisture (necessary for juveniles and tropical species) and will quickly absorb and dry any dirt left behind by your tortoise...

Your kit comes complete with a 6 - 7 month supply of calcium supplement and 2 feeding bowls to give your tortoise(s) two feeding sites.

The Habitat size is 31.5 inches long, 15.75 inches wide, and 7.5 inches high. It will sit safely on any table, counter or shelf at least 16 inches wide. It's open top design makes for perfect viewing and it's lay out is perfect for all species of tortoises. This kit contains everything you'll need to properly set up and maintain your first tortoise - and it can easily house up to 4 tortoises up to 6 inches long. Shipping to your door is just $39.95, and set up takes less than 5 minutes - it doesn't get any easier to properly set up your tortoise(s).

*We are so confident that your tortoise(s) will thrive in this habitat, we will extend our guarantee of his/her/their health to a full 30 days when you order a kit.*

Other Details

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Complete Tortoise Habitat - Medium
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Warranty Information

30 Day Health Guarantee . Good for all tortoises purchased with a Complete Tortoise Habitat.

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