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We hand raise and care for our animals to ensure a happy and healthy turtle is ready and waiting for you. 

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  • Florida Chicken Turtles for sale
    $295.00 - $695.00

    One of the two North American snake necks, (Blanding's being the other), Chicken turtles use their l…

  • Peninsula Cooters for sale
    $24.95 - $3,495.00

    Peninsula Cooters are a very hardy species. Mainly herbivores, juveniles will eat some fish and inse…

  • Spotted Turtles for sale
    $175.00 - $595.00

    Spotted Turtles are one of the prettiest of all the North American turtles. Most are jet black with …

  • Western Pond Turtles for sale
    $49.95 - $69.95

    The Western Pond Turtle is truly one of America's rarest - and toughest to breed turtles. Many breed…

  • Blanding's Turtles for sale
    $375.00 - $495.00

    One of only two North American long necked turtles (Chicken turtles being the other), Blanding's tur…

6 of 6 Items