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Clown Florida Soft Shelled Turtle

$1,295.00 - $1,995.00
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Product Description

Just one hatched like this - from a clutch of normal turtles. 'No clue what these colors are - "out of this world" sums it up pretty well... Millions of Florida Soft Shells hatch each year and we've never seen anything like this one... What's going on with it's color genes is anybody's guess - and lots of experienced turtle people have weighed in - without any consensus... It's very feisty and outgoing, and it's care and husbandry are identical to that of normal Florida Soft Shelled turtles and follows:

Florida Softshells make very good community turtles. They will often bury in sand with just their head exposed waiting to surprise a fish. They're excellent swimmers and do well in mostly water tanks, with plants and other under water objects. They quickly settle in and will swim about their tanks as much as most fish.

Florida Softshells quickly learn to come to feeding and will liven up any tank. They will take pellets, fish, worms, meat snails and crayfish. Once four to five inches, they also make good pond turtles in summer months or warmer climates.

Each year, we save the prettiest of thousands of Florida Soft Shelled Turtles for you.

Our juveniles are nicely priced for group set ups.

Other Details

Common Name:
Clown Florida Soft-shelled Turtle
Scientific Name:
Apalone ferox
Restricted States:


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    Posted by One day on Oct 3rd 2021


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