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Argentine Side Necked Turtle: Phrynops hilarii

Category: South American Water Turtles

Experience Level: Intermediate [?]


Like little monkeys they are ! This is one of the most interactive - just like a dog, greets you, wants to engage you, turtle species in the world ! Their outgoing personalities are amazing. They'll start off a little slow at first & before you know it, they are one of the family - really...  Argentine Side-Necked Turtles: Phrynops hilarii, are most commonly just called“Hilarii”and are found from southern Brazil through Uruguay into central Argentina. Hilarii are active swimmers, and are best known for their tan or silver/gray coloration, and their intense black stripe running from the tip of their nose, straight through their eyes, to the back of their heads. Their most note worthy physical trait is their prominent pair of chin barbels, which detect motion and vibrations in the murkiest of water.

Argentine Side- Necked Turtles are carnivores and readily eat fish, meat and pellets. In tanks they are very lively and do well in water in the 70s; with UVB basking in the high 80s. PH in the low sixes is recommended. Hillarii are temperate turtles so larger animals can go outdoors in moderate climates.

Hilarii are one of only two turtle species whose adult males develop bright head and trunk colors that signal reproductive readiness and attract females. All sizes make good community turtles. As with many south American turtles, Argentine Side-Necked Turtles are a very unique species to keep. With it's bright black and white plastron (belly) markings, this turtle will catch your eye every time it turns to swim upward in your tank...

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1: We have a very nice group of well started hatchling Argentine Side-Necked Turtles available :*Sorry, these turtles have been ordered* ( We have more babies hatching soon).

Shipping Size: SMALL

5. Pricing: 1 or more: $139.00/ea.
 • 2 or more: $119.00/ea.

Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock

2: We have a nice group of large Yearling Argentine Side-Necked Turtles Available:*Sorry, these turtles have been ordered*

Shipping Size: MEDIUM

5. Pricing: 1 or more: $169.00/ea.

Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock

3: We have one large yearling Argentine Side Neck with nipped tail available:

Shipping Size: MEDIUM

5. Pricing: 1 or more: $129.00/ea.

Availability: Available Now


4: We have just three 5" two year old Argentine side-necked Turtles - at this size they have the out going personalities of monkeys ... ***Sorry, these turtles have been ordered***

Shipping Size: LARGE

5. Pricing: 1 or more: $199.00/ea.

Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock

5: We have just one sexed pair of Argentine Side-Necked Turtles 7-8": *Sorry, these turtles have been ordered*

Shipping Size: EXTRA LARGE

5. Pricing: 1 or more: $895.00/ea.

Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock

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